Friday, January 16, 2009

Busy Day - Doing Nothing

Yeah ok so I mis-spoke last night when bragging to friends about my “bad” news. The flooring contractors were not done installing my new floors yesterday so that meant it was my turn to be available today– meaning I had to stay home and knit all day....poor me huh? Because they were in the kitchen & dining room – basically cutting off ½ of the first floor (and access to laundry) I thought I was trapped with only with my iPod & knitting for the day. The PC was available for emailing work and of course Ravelry. But my planned knitting included working on my Bubbalicious Socks

and some mittens for me. I knit over a dozen pairs already this season but had none for me after the holoday gifts were wrapped up & given out.

Anyway, long story short, they are still not done with the flooring

but completed enough of the job before they had to leave for me to spend my afternoon reorganizing and cleaning the crystal.

I use to sell Princess House Crystal so I have tons of this stuff. A few years ago I sold boxes of it at a yard sale for a song, this is most of whats left.

The new dining room floor looks GREAT!

The kitchen has a bit to go. Moving and/or installing the flooring around the appliances and island was more time consuming than originally thought so I guess I have 3/4's of a kitchen floor for the weekend.

I did to do a little more knitting today while my Holey Cowl blocked & dried. I dont have final pics of that but I used the yarn above, which I dyed this fall. I found out that I was approved to add the pattern on Ravelry so once I finish writing it up I will – just need to stop procrastinating, maybe after all the crystal shines and I organize my knitting that’s been scattered throughout the assigned space …......

Getting there, almost done. Oh yeah, now I need to call my kids and let them know their cousin had a baby girl this morning! And then call my sister and remind her to apply for AARP since shes' a grandma now!


Pam said...

The floor looks awesome!

Loretta said...

I already joined AARP!!! This is the first weekend I have been home and had time to check out blogs and ravelry. Floors and crystal look great. By the way...Happy birthday. And you wll be able to join AARP in a couple of years..... Just kidding.