Wednesday, February 11, 2009

16 Hours of Knitting

I can’t wait; I just booked my annual seminar at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston. Two days of LIHTC Compliance, Sec 42 of the tax code, fair housing & state monitoring rules & regulations. Sounds like HELL huh?

Oh no, no, no, no, no!

I look forward to this each year! This is my fifth year so I have tested out, like many of the attendees. All we need to do is sign in and be in the room and for me - knit. Its two days of knitting (interrupted every 45+/- mins for a coffee/stretch break or lunch). The breaks are routinely spent trying to convince the newbie’s they will recover from the overload. OMG I remember my first year. But for us veterans of the program, it’s two evenings at the bar networking and socializing - not preparing for the test. Another bonus is that’s this is all just a few blocks away from a couple of LYS I’ve never been too.

Last year I made this project/sock bag.

I need to start hunting for a simple two color stranded pattern for socks or should I do another project bag?

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