Saturday, January 3, 2009

949 Items - 21.7 Days

I love listening to podcasts while I knit, drive, or even while I’m at work. I’ve also found an inner child in me that enjoys being read to sleep. My favorites are PodCastle and EscapePod both short Sci-Fi stories written and narrated by various undiscovered authors. I usually fall asleep in the middle of the story but obsolutely HAVE to re listen to the podcast in the morning.

At work it’s usually a radio show out of NY in my ears. I get it on iTunes to avoid all the commercials Open minded relationship advice without judgment. Sometimes I find it hard not to judge when a caller wants to know if she should stay with her significant other between beatings because he loves her, or they have kids, or they have history or whatever together. If you know me at all, you know my immediate thought /answer is turn around and run not walk out that door NOW and don’t look back! She advises them how to leave safely, that’s why she has a radio show and I don’t.

Im on the road alot becasue of work so when driving around I listen to – which I found completely by accident - Stuff You Should Know This podcast is actually one of the top podcasts for 2008. Did you know that former president Bill Clinton published 26,000 pages of legislative acts in the “midnight” phase of his term? The Big W is doing the same to sabotage Obama. Another scary fact is that there are 90 handguns for every 100 people in the US. Yikes! Did you know that you can generate enough power from a dead body to produce enough energy to illuminate their headstone (or other odd things) for quite some time long after their buried? Ok so some facts are just plain useless and stupid, but I’m thrilled at how the podcast discusses factoids in plain English making it much more interesting. While on the road I also like listening to another newly found podcast recommended by a friend called The Moth Short unedited true stories.

Because the first kind of podcast I found was about knitting I have quite a few on my iPod. I have probably heard at least one episode of each show and either kept updating it or deleted it depending on my level of interest. They were never exclusively saved for when I’m knitting so I’ve tried a lot of them out; my favorite podcast is Knitters Uncensored But they haven’t recorded a new show in months. Cast On is another one and Stash & Burn

Any recommendations out there? Knitting or otherwise.

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