Sunday, March 22, 2009

An email from Amy...

Hi, Lisa!

Thanks so much for your submission. It's very clever! I especially like the different variations, and think you've done a great job. We receive many more submissions than we are able to publish at Knitty, and that means we must make some hard choices. Unfortunately, that means we won't be able to use your submission this time.But I really like your style! Thank you for taking the time to prepare it and send it in and hope we'll see something from you again in the future!

Best, Amy

Possibly a form letter but I dont care, I'm so glad I tried!

I thought it was too easy of a pattern and never would have even tried if it were not for KnittingSamurai and MeowMeowHead in the local knitting group confirming it was a unique idea. Thanks for the encouragement! Ive posted the pattern on my Ravelry page WickedPyssa and will post on here soon.

Hmmmmm Maybe my sister can use it on her website

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Such an idiot...

Yep that’s me, the short explanation…. I clicked a button and the PDF is now posted for my Holey Cowl Pattern on Ravelry.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

And no one could be more shocked than me...

Got this from a friends blog

What's Your Word?

Your Word is "Peace"
You see life as precious, and you wish everyone was safe, happy, and taken care of.Social justice, human rights, and peace for all nations are all important to you.While you can't stop war, you try to be as calm and compassionate as possible in your everyday life.You promote harmony and cooperation. You're always willing to meet someone a little more than halfway.

You can stop laughing now K!