Saturday, April 11, 2009

Knitters Opinion Needed

I love this yarn from Schaeffer - great color way and it’s softer than other sock yarns - So I made a cowl with it. The cowl pattern was absolutely awful. It was a free download from Knit Picks and it didn’t work out well at ALL. Ripped…

I decided on socks. Still love the yarn and the pattern has been in my Ravelry queue forever. The perfect match ….so I thought. I got both socks to the heel on size 1’s and worked the gusset on one of the socks and tried it on. Way too tight. The legs snug, but wearable, getting it over my heel is another story.

I’ve ripped back to the leg and am now deciding. Do I just go with fingerless mitts?

Or somehow figure out a bigger heel? And if the choice is socks with a bigger heel/gusset how do I do that? Going up a needle size will help, but will it fix it? Do I need to make the gusset in 3's?

Such a dilemma…..


Joan said...

This issue is probably beyond my expertise. I would rip it all out and start over with larger needles. You've had the pattern for awhile, and I assume you like and or want the socks. I Know Kec is the "frogger" but I am a close second, and sometimes it is just the right answer. As it was for me this week with my vest..rppppped.

Jasmin said...

You *could* do a heel with a higher percent of stitches. So, normally you would do a 50% heel (half of your total stitches).

You could do a 60-70% heel. I've found that those can work quite nicely in a pinch.

Mychawd said...

You can do a wider heel flap, or increase more for your gusset increases. Let's talk more about this, it intregues me.