Sunday, April 5, 2009

Awesome day for a ride!

We bundled up and left around 10 this morning and went on our 1st ride around the big lake (Lake Winnipesaukee).

It’s actually a favorite ride for us during the summer too. But in April - long before “ice-out” it’s a bit chilly. A beautiful ride anytime though. In most of the lake its thin ice with very few solid areas left, both Alton & Meredith Bays have open water which means riding season is fast approaching!

We make a few stops on the way; one definite stop is at the Harley shop to look at the new models and a warm up. Todays destination was lunch at the Mill in Meredith. Giuseppe’s Pizza is next to where the melted snow runs off and flows into the lake.

This year’s mountain snow is melting fast!

And I got to use one of the Xmas gifts DH got me. Its a drink holder for my bike!
I’m a slow coffee drinker and end up drinking ½ the cup and throw the other ½ out to get back on the road. Problem solved. While I wouldn’t recommend riding one handed all the time, but on a steady, low traffic, straight stretch of a road this holder rocks! I can now kick back, sip coffee and crank my favorite CD while I cruise, what could be better?

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Mychawd said...

Sounds like a great day. Of course I noticed the lovely neckwarmer you had on. Cruising and sipping coffee sounds wonderful!