Saturday, October 25, 2008

Enforcer ~ or ~ Chicken Shit

Actually the better term is collector. Part of my job is to collect rent. People bring money to me and I take it - period. I don’t run around breaking arms and doing shake downs enforcing anything. Its legitimate money owed for housing that people bring to me ….usually.

This week I had two writs of possession executed. The sheriff came with the writs, maintenance changed the locks and we all walked away. This obviously takes time, papers are filed with the court, deadlines are given, court dates set, and tenants are given ample time and opportunity to work something out and/or pay before being locked out. But if you ignore the situation, it doesn’t simply just go away.

What usually happens after is the tenant gets home from work and is in shock. Their door is wallpapered with a huge brightly colored notice DO NOT ENTER per order of fill in a county Sheriff’s Department you will be Arrested for Trespassing and/or fined $1,000.00. OMG! It’s at that moment that they realize that they can actually be locked out of their own home!! It’s a horrible feeling and if I were you I would avoid it at all costs.

After the initial shock wears off, I get called, let me in, I need clothes, medications, diapers etc. I have opened many doors at odd hours for necessities and then again when they arrange a truck to get their furniture, but no one called in a panic this time. Both were locked out at 1:30 on a Friday afternoon so I assumed the calls would begin around 5:30. I last checked messages @10:45 pm. then again this morning @ 7:30 am still nothing.

Hmmmmmmmm very unusual, maybe they broke in, but both households? I’m obligated to check this out, so I make the 30 min trek to the buildings and do a ride by. The 1st unit still had clothes drying on the line on the front porch...…no movement, all looks good. The second unit had a window open. The “chicken shit” drove to the police station and had a real “enforcer” do what they do best.


annieB said...

how I would love to have your job! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Did you really mean your hat swap partner should _avoid_ soft natural fibers?

WickedPyssa said...

oops - no - just the opposite

Anonymous said...

Thanks! And good because that's what I figured you meant. (rough scratchy acrylic for my head please? I didn't think so.)