Saturday, October 4, 2008

Do You Have Time to Dye?

I typically obsess over one thing or hobby at a time. A few years ago I started playing in the dirt and took up gardening…. with flowers not crops. My back yard was, and still is, FULL of beautiful perennials each Spring thru Fall. I either bought or swapped plants with friends at an annual perennial party till I had no grass left in my back yard.

Next came online sweeping. The best part of that hobby was that it paid off and I won trips to Ireland, NYC & Vegas, electronics, gift cards, cash, and tons of little surprises in my mail every week. Think about it, you have to enter a lot of sweepstakes if you win something each week.

Now it’s knitting, I knit almost every day and meet with other knitters weekly – or more. Today I tried dyeing. I liked the results, I had great fun doing it but it’s such a process! Luckily it was a group thing with other knitting obsessed friends making most of the steps more efficient since it was done in multiples. The yarn we all dyed is absolutely gorgeous, but its still drying after being home for five hours.

Then I have to ball it before I can even start to think about knitting it. oops First I’ll have to find a pattern. If I had to do this for every project I would have moved on to another hobby by now.

BTW A real friend lets you stink up their house for the sake of an obsession. Thnaks HJ.
Have you ever had the pleasure of inhaling steaming hot wool? I’m sticking to just buying the yarn and knitting it. This way I think I’ll love to knit even longer. Of course this could change if we all try spinning next..........


Heather said...

Friends knit with you -- true friends help dye the yarn!

You're welcome -- it was a lot of fun. The wool smell? Was gone in less than 1-hour!

annieB said...

It was good to see you. So nice to take the day off and spend it with friends and wool (and listen to each other's stories)...and you're right, Heather is a great hostess!