Thursday, December 31, 2009

Twenty Ten

Yeah, OK Ive jumped on the bandwagon and posted my 2010 knitting goals....

1. Cast on (and finish) an intermediate shawl. Ive done a couple of the easier ones and will undoubtedly knit more of those quick & simple shawls. Its the intricate lacy ones that are so gorgeous - but intimidating to me. So far I haven't had the confidence to make one yet. This is the year! It may be from the book A Gathering of Lace that I have or maybe a large circular shawl from Ravelry. Definitely making the Ishbel and will cast that on first.

2. Knit a jacket/sweater that actually fits me. Ive made 2.5 sweaters for my self. The finished 2 just hang on me, the third is almost done and I can tell already its not the right size. I over compensate and make the bigger size or use larger needles - or both. Once blocked they just grow. This time I SWEAR I will swatch - WASH & BLOCK.

3. Pick out a Selbuvotter pattern, cast on and finish a pair of mittens. Ive had this book for a few months and I just cant seem to decide on a pattern, they are all so beautiful.

4. Finish up the 52 pair plunge by cranking out a dozen or so baby socks. I want to use the book New Pathways for Sock Knitters by Cat Bordhi. Its suggested to work through the patterns in baby size to learn all the different techniques. Sounds like this book and the 52 pair plunge were made for each other.

5. Organize my downloaded Ravelry and printed patterns. I bought some binders and need to sort the the printed patterns I want to keep & make some labels for the binders for easier locating. I hate it when I think Ive printed a pattern out cant find it then print a 2nd copy. I also definitely need to clear out all the patterns on my PC that I will never make. When I first got on Ravelry I wanted them all and either downloaded or printed them many that I now know I will never knit.

6. Begin the annual charity knitting no later than June 1, 2010.

7. Figure out what to do with my sock yarn leftovers and start the project. I may not finish it in 2010 but I gotta get something started!

I think thats it - for now, wish me luck!

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