Friday, October 30, 2009

I avoided saying goodbye as long as possible, but the time came. I kept saying to myself its not active duty which made our hour long ride home completly silent.

Now on my day off I get the package of his clothes and personal belongings. Im in tears all over again. Im not sure why but I cant open it.

Miss you already kiddo.


Joan said...

He is a handsome devil!

My heart and prayers are with you!

Donna said...

I would feel the same way. My prayers are with you and him for his safe return.

And thank you so much for your families sacrifices for our country.

Mychawd said...

I think we should drink Disco Lemonade. no seriously I think we should.


Take to the sea said...

<3 hugs with steph :)

patience23 said...

Tears in my eyes. Your post cuts right to the heart. What parent wouldn't feel the same way. He's been in my thoughts every day.