Monday, February 23, 2009

Chill'n Out

Since my last post, “Start as Many Things as You Can!” I’ve started 5 items! 4 are knitted gifts - 3 out of 4 of them are already off the needles with the last almost completed too. I guess I still like to finish what’s fun on the needles before picking up an older project.

What started all this was a weekend with the opportunity to knit to my hearts content but I did very little knitting because nothing I had on the needle excited me. Instead we went to an ice sculpture exhibit in Portland ME.

There’s Rachel wearing the hat I knit for her for xmas 07 and she LOVES. Its the most used item I’ve ever knit, at least that’s what she tells her mom.

And all of us in the Yellow Submarine.

Then we went even further north to the camp for snowmobiling. We all had a great time, then sat by the camp fire and watched the ice fishers for a bit, visited with neighbors, and generally had a relaxing time. I think Rachel, up from NYC, certainly needed some down time.

Who thinks we had too many Butter Ball shots?

Butter Balls
Use equal parts of Butter Rum Snapps & Baileys
Mix em up, pour & relax but DON’T DRIVE – even snowmobile!

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Mychawd said...

I want what your having!!! But why are you and T laying on the ice? Looks like fun!