Sunday, December 14, 2008

Feeling very lucky...

DH and I had planned on going north this weekend but with the ice storm and other events those plans were squashed. Most of my town has power restored and things are getting back to normal for us. Yesterday was filled with podcasts and knitting under the one lamp powered by a borrowed generator. Zachs xmas hat is done, toms socks and hat started all thanks to the bad weather and my fully charged iPod.
On the flip side life is not so good for more than ½ of the tenants at properties I manage. Last count was 53/34. Fifty three units without heat - 34 with. In addition to the no heat units, one downed tree at a two family (just on the porch, no personal damage or major roof collapse) and one building of 10 units has no hot water and another unit in a separate building has a faulty heater valve thingy making the furnace leak. He’s got a bucket collecting the water for now, but will need a sump pump soon. Most are in NH but they are in multiple buildings in two different counties. I’d hate to be a maintenance person this weekend!

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Mychawd said...

Glad to hear you were warm and knitting. Miss you!